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Owly Hoot Day

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cartoon!me // ladylisse (<3  <3 <3)
Happy birthday, MC. I can't think of someone who deserves a wonderful birthday more than you. I hope you enjoy this -- my writing's sort of rusty, but I'm more than willing to practice for you. ♥


Hypothetically Speaking

It's the quiet, rosy sort of summer afternoon that she loves the most. Later, you'd like to say that you planned it that way, to be able to claim some sort of control over the situation, but you know deep down that it's just not true.

You're walking along the steep, sloping lawns of Hogwarts, their vivid green long since faded to brown amid the trampling of armies, and the slow, steady steps of the funeral processions. She's next to you, stolen away from all the shoulds of the moment -- should be inventing new spells, should be researching tactics, should be hastening peace, should be saving lives -- and there's nothing but absolute certainty all around. There are no hypotheticals, and that suits you just as well anyway. You've never been much of an academic anyway.

But she is. She researches, spending endless hours tucked into some faraway corner, lost to you all behind thick stone walls and the thicker layers of years. Within the faded, dusty pages of the books, within the events of the ages long since passed, she sees the future. You don't know how she does it, you sometimes stop to marvel, but you've learned to just accept it. She deals in predictions, uncertainties, games of the mind. Her entire beautiful, orderly, structured world is constructed of those hypotheticals that you must avoid.

So if she's the predictor and you're the doer, it's perfectly suiting that she knows what you're going to do long before you do.

"Hermione, I think--" you say, the words spilling out of your mouth before you can even make sense of them.

"It's about time," she interrupts, and takes your hand in hers.

"I -- what?"

"You know, Harry, you usually do best when you don't speak at all."

Yes, you think breathlessly several long seconds later, and it's probably just as well. She's just said it all anyway.


Also, here is a picture of my cat, when he was a kitten, to cheer you up whenever you feel down, since no one can turn down things that are furry and adorable! Have a marvelous day. :D

  • OH, that's wonderful! Really, really beautiful. And your kitty and mine could be cousins! *adores*

    Thank you so much!!
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