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Owly Hoot Day

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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me - hot dramawench
Happiest of birthdays, !!!!!!!!!
To one of the loveliest and sweetest people I know, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you these past few years! I hope your day is marvelous and full of joy!

Though I have no mad skillz in any area, I over you myself as a beta for whatever you wanna throw my way - even draco/squid pr0n, if that's what you so desire :D
  • Ooooooooohhhhh yes, I Who. I Who all day and all night :D
    I haven't finished season 10 - I have about 3 episodes left, but I can finish them quick if you need me to :D
    • :D :D I've got two Who fics in various stages of progress - one is with Nine and Rose, the other is Ten and Rose just after the Christmas Invasion. So no rushing on my account!

      We have one ep left, and I'm all *bites nails*, omg.
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